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We provide executive coaching to transform talent and develop leaders. We’re passionate about developing authentic leadership and potential whilst also prioritising wellbeing.

We give people the space to think differently and enable self-discovery. This grows authentic leadership and enhances performance and resilience. The outcome is measureable success for individuals and organisations which delivers real return on investment.

At Talent Tree we are especially passionate about coaching female talent. We’re on a mission to supercharge female leaders to grow, thrive and advance in their careers. We empower female leaders to create positive change so they can achieve success and progress in their career journey with confidence, whatever stage of life they are at.

Our women in leadership programmes help advance female leaders, ensure their voices are heard in the system and help organisations to create robust succession pipelines, more diverse and balanced leadership teams and female role models for the future. In particular we specialise in working with women in STEM.


Our coaching takes a person-centred approach. When working with organisations our coaching is focused on the individual and aligned to the organisation to ensure a successful outcome for both. Line managers are a key part of the process to provide support and integration during and after the coaching. We believe strongly in coaching the whole person to ensure balance is maintained within their life.

Our approach draws upon positive psychology, strength based coaching and neuroscience. We also explore emotional intelligence and offer MBTI psychometric profiling.

A variety of tools, models and exercises are used to develop self-awareness, insight and action.

We work with clients to transform their thinking, building momentum for change and sustainable growth.

Our style is supportive, yet challenging to break down limiting beliefs which enables personal and professional change.

This all takes place in a confidential, safe and non-judgemental environment.


Our areas of expertise are in:

We help develop high performance and authentic leadership, focusing on confidence, capability and leadership style. We work with all types of leaders and teams from executives and senior managers to future leaders with high potential. The one to one coaching focuses on driving change and creating new insights. We challenge thinking, maximise strengths and improve working relationships. Self awareness is further developed though 360 feedback and optional MBTI and EQi-2.0 assessment.

Our coaching framework means that outcomes are measured, progress is maintained and return on investment is delivered. At the start of the programme we meet together with the sponsor to set overall goals that align with the business. At the end of the programme we hold a triad meeting with the sponsor to discuss progress and outcomes. This includes an action plan to work on after the coaching programme has finished to ensure sustainable development.

Women in Leadership

In addition to our leadership coaching, we help female talent develop self-awareness, confidence and resilience in order to succeed in their careers and progress to new roles or the next level. We work on maximising impact and presence, creating an authentic brand, finding purpose, creating your vision, building effective networks and breaking down barriers to career progression. Developing stakeholder relationships, engaging sponsors and working in a male dominated environment are also themes we explore.  We aim to empower female talent to stretch themselves and achieve their potential, whether gaining a leadership position, a role on the board, a sideways move or making a success of their current role.

Female entrepreneurs

We help women running their own business to define their vision, identify their goals and strengths and grow their business. We help clients to effectively balance the demands of work and personal commitments. We also help female entrepreneurs to develop self-awareness and leadership confidence to ensure success. As a result individuals are able to stretch for new possibilities and come up with creative solutions.

We work with executives, leaders and teams to help develop their resilience and mental fitness. Building the ability to cope with challenges and stress helps individuals to bounce back, perform at their best and thrive. By exploring mental, physical and emotional wellness we identify areas that are sources of strength and aspects that are challenging. We help individuals to take control of their mental, physical and emotional capacity which enables them to increase focus, problem solving, creativity, energy and confidence. The end result is a boost in resilience, wellbeing and performance for both the individual and organisation.


Having had the pleasure of working with Amy for a year now, I have been amazed at the transformation in our leaders in Halfords. Amy has a warm and engaging persona, which makes her a great coach and leader of people. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone looking to make a measurable difference in the talent of their organisation and I look forward to working with her in the future!


Moving through the Coaching with Amy has been deeply insightful, and I feel supercharged regarding fulfilling my leadership potential.


I would wholeheartedly recommend this coaching programme for senior female leaders. Amy has been a joy to work with. Having the time to talk, to think and to focus on my leadership skills has been fabulous. Amy is exceptional!


The coaching sessions have had a profound impact on the way I think at home and work…Identifying my excelling strengths has been invaluable to me. I believe the business has benefitted hugely from my development as I have a more rounded and even style… Amy has been brilliant throughout all of my coaching sessions! She is professional and supportive but is also challenging and thought provoking. Amy has really helped me to understand how to get from good to great! 


My confidence and self belief about my own and Halfords goals have been cemented well and truly.  I believe that I am in a better position to make the best of our future. This feeling clearly permeates into my working environment and gives me licence to do what I do best each day. Amy has facilitated an environment that has made me look at who I am, what I do and why I do it. I have never failed to walk away from a session without wanting to go back to the next one. So in summary, undoubtedly a game changer for me. The same people, environment and world that I was in before I met Amy.   I just look at it all a bit differently now !


Amy put me at ease on the very 1st session working through personal and professional challenges. I am familiar with being the listener and initially being the talker felt very different for me…….. However the benefits of this really have really opened my eyes. Amy has a natural way of probing and asking open ended questions, she really got me to open up to her on a personal and professional basis something that very few individuals I have encountered have been successful at doing, Amy achieved an insight in to me as an individual and in turn this made me challenge areas of my life I wasn’t satisfied with. Amy has a gift and uses it so well.  I can honestly recommend Amy Elworthy and the “Leadership Confidence” coaching programme as being a journey of self-learning, insightfulness, challenging, focused and motivating. It’s a unique chance to look in the mirror at your personal and professional life and identify and address areas that you are not satisfied with and maximise your potential.


I can not recommend Amy Elworthy’s “Leadership Confidence” more. I have genuinely enjoyed the time we’ve spent and the journey it’s helped me on.  As a leader this has been a unique opportunity to STOP and challenge myself both professionally and personally. Amy’s style has made what in some parts was quite a challenging conversation with myself, very warm and insightful.


Amy is the third coach who I have seen, and the first one that has made a difference. It is hard to put into words the impact these sessions have had on me. It has made everything ‘click’ for the first time. I finished my sessions with a very clear understanding of what is important to me. In helping me define and develop my personal values, Amy has given me a gift which will guide me for the rest of my life. My confidence and willingness to take risks at work has improved enormously. I cannot thank you enough Amy and would not hesitate to recommend you to others in the future.


Amy is an inspirational and insightful coach, who has the ability to help you find the challenges that you are facing in a very natural and encouraging way. Amy is a pleasure to work with and I hope that we can work together again soon.


“Prior to coaching with Amy, I believed that there were certain barriers stopping me from achieving my goals and that sometimes these were beyond my control. Coaching has empowered me to view these barriers in a different way and to see them as potential development opportunities that will actually help me in achieving my goals. As a result I feel confident to take the next step in my career. I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone who is keen to make sure they get the most out of not only their career, but also the other important areas of their life.”


I love the environment Amy creates and how she combines her relaxed, disarming style with integral questions and incisive analysis. She’s been invaluable in helping me create a better balance between my work and family life. She has helped me find ways to boost my confidence and discover a framework of values that provide context to my day-to-day business decisions. I’ve been amazed at the wonderful benefits coaching has brought to my life and business. Working with Amy has been a true inspiration.




founder and director

Amy Elworthy

“I am passionate about developing talent and believe that everyone has the ability to create positive change. Having spent many years learning how to develop and engage people in an organisational setting, I’m deeply committed to helping people achieve their potential and accelerate their performance through coaching. I’m also on a mission to support professional women grow, advance and thrive in their careers and to develop the female talent pipeline. I would love to see more female leaders and more authentic and diverse leadership within organisations today.”

Amy has a post graduate, Level 7 ILM qualification qualification in Business Coaching from Chester University which provides accreditation with the International Coaching Federation. She is an ICF credentialed coach, and has been awarded Professional Certified Coach (PCC) status. She is also a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Amy is an MBTI, Hogan and EQi-2.0 practitioner and is CIPD qualified with over 20 years experience in talent management, coaching and leadership and performance development. She is also a trained mental health first aider which complements her work around resilience and wellbeing.

Amy’s experience includes working in large corporate environments including management consultancies, retail and banking as well as in media businesses such as advertising agencies.  She has worked for companies such as Accenture, Tech UK, Royal Bank of Scotland, HBOS, Halfords, Symphony Retail and The Red Brick Road and charities such as The Brilliant Club and Meningitis Now. She also does volunteer coaching work for the NHS.

ACC Associate Certified Coach


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