Our areas of expertise are in:

We help develop high performance and authentic leadership, focusing on confidence, capability and leadership style. We work with all types of leaders and teams from executives and senior managers to future leaders with high potential. The one to one coaching focuses on driving change and creating new insights. We challenge thinking, maximise strengths and improve working relationships. Self awareness is further developed though 360 feedback and optional MBTI and EQi-2.0 assessment.

Our coaching framework means that outcomes are measured, progress is maintained and return on investment is delivered. At the start of the programme we meet together with the sponsor to set overall goals that align with the business. At the end of the programme we hold a triad meeting with the sponsor to discuss progress and outcomes. This includes an action plan to work on after the coaching programme has finished to ensure sustainable development.

Women in Leadership

In addition to our leadership coaching, we help female talent develop self-awareness, confidence and resilience in order to succeed in their careers and progress to new roles or the next level. We work on maximising impact and presence, creating an authentic brand, finding purpose, creating your vision, building effective networks and breaking down barriers to career progression. Developing stakeholder relationships, engaging sponsors and working in a male dominated environment are also themes we explore.  We aim to empower female talent to stretch themselves and achieve their potential, whether gaining a leadership position, a role on the board, a sideways move or making a success of their current role.

Female entrepreneurs

We help women running their own business to define their vision, identify their goals and strengths and grow their business. We help clients to effectively balance the demands of work and personal commitments. We also help female entrepreneurs to develop self-awareness and leadership confidence to ensure success. As a result individuals are able to stretch for new possibilities and come up with creative solutions.

We work with executives, leaders and teams to help develop their resilience and mental fitness. Building the ability to cope with challenges and stress helps individuals to bounce back, perform at their best and thrive. By exploring mental, physical and emotional wellness we identify areas that are sources of strength and aspects that are challenging. We help individuals to take control of their mental, physical and emotional capacity which enables them to increase focus, problem solving, creativity, energy and confidence. The end result is a boost in resilience, wellbeing and performance for both the individual and organisation.